selfie + post-it + donation + share = #itaffectsme

#itaffectsme is simply the statement that we have all known or will know mental illness in our lives, whether through ourselves, families, friends or a stranger in the street. Mental illness has no prejudices about who it affects, so we should have no prejudices about it.

What You Can Do

Now everyone loves a selfie, my news feed is full of them, that and engagements or cats, or cats getting engaged. But what I would love you all to do is take a selfie with a post-it note on your forehead saying ‪#‎itaffectsme‬. Like my cover pic on our Facebook Page. Because it does, it affects all of us. And then share the link to the Mind donation page with your selfie, donate and then just share, share, share. We have raised over £2,000 forMind and have reached over 3.5million people- this is INCREDIBLE. 3.5 million people talking about mental health on ‪#‎TimetoTalk‬ day. Thank you all so so much from the bottom of my heart. I couldn't have done any of it without you. And the post-it manufacturers of course... ‪#‎itaffectsme‬

The Plan

#itaffectsme was born from a need to get people talking, to end stigma and to make the world sit up and accept that mental illness affects us all. And that is where Mind comes in. They're a charity that do incredible work in reaching out to people who are suffering and may not understand why or what they are suffering with. When you are in the midst of mental illness the hardest thing to feel is clarity and Mind gives people just that.

In the Press

#itaffectsme Stories

#itaffectsme is simply the statement that at some point in our lives we all have known or will know mental illness. When I was at my lowest, I felt so isolated. What would have helped the most was if somebody had held my hand and said "Hey. Me too." #itaffectsme is that "Me too" for everyone. Email your stories, encouragements and truths about mental illness (up to 750 words) to and be that "Me too" for somebody out there.

About me

A bit about me: Some of you may know me and some of you won't but we all have something in common, we all have experience of mental illness in some way, shape or form. I have lived with it throughout my life in many different ways, seen it in myself, in family and in friends. We need to get people talking, to get them to understand and to end the stigma that surrounds mental health. That is why #itaffectsme was born, to do just that and hopefully it will continue to grow and grow and grow. It is in your hands social media, take it and let it fly!